What She Knew Trilogy

"What She Knew" is a fast paced novel of intrigue and mystery involving America's favorite sex goddess, Marilyn Monroe. These books have all the elements of the next blockbuster hit. We weave a story of intrigue, mystery, and a touch of conspiracy. In this period piece; high profile, never forgotten, iconic, historical characters are resurrected and showcased in a new light; bringing humor, depth and warmth to an all-star cast.


The fascination with Marilyn Monroe hasn’t died nor have the questions surrounding her death been fully satisfied. This August 2016 marked the 54th anniversary of her death and to this day she is still hotter than ever. She has millions of fans worldwide; over three hundred thousand Facebook fans, and over one hundred thousand Twitter fans most of which are under the age of 24; which makes Marilyn more ‘alive’ today than she was in the early 1960’s.


Given her popularity and our research on Marilyn Monroe; we’ve simply utilized the events leading up to her death and added our own take on what happened. Following the historical timeline closely as well as the world events of the day, we have created a compelling novel of what if Marilyn had lived and ‘what she knew’ was enough to save John F. Kennedy from assassination.

We have fans of all ages and backgrounds that ask us all the time where is Marilyn Monroe?


One of our reviewers had this to say, 'A book that makes you wonder..."Could it really be true?"' Our hope is that you, the reader, have a similar reaction and have a hard time putting the book down as other reviewers have shared.



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What She Knew




With an almighty kick the door crashed open and Peter ran into the bedroom. "Shit! Marilyn!"

Kneeling beside the bed the stench of vomit assailed his nostrils even before he saw it, staining the sheets and pillow around the woman.

"Marilyn, wake up." He shook her hard enough to force her to stir.

Sighing in relief, he scooped her up, carried her across the room, and out of the house unconscious in his arms. Pushing her into the backseat of his sedan, Peter jumped in and sped away.

"Hang in there, Marilyn. We’re almost there. Don’t die now."





<----Marilyn with her beloved Maf

Marilyn in disguise as Zelda Zonk ---->